Bluetooth LED Hexagon Light

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Color: 10PCS
Size: Bluetooth
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Welcome to the world of Color-changing Quantum Lights, where innovation meets creativity for a mesmerizing lighting experience like no other! Whether you prefer Bluetooth or WIFI control, our quantum lights offer an array of features to ignite your imagination and elevate your space.

🌈 Bluetooth vs WIFI Control Methods:

  • Bluetooth: Experience seamless control through our user-friendly app or remote control, allowing you to synchronize music and customize lighting effortlessly.
  • WIFI: Enjoy the same convenient app and remote control options as Bluetooth, plus the added bonus of voice control compatibility with popular assistants like Google and Alexa, for hands-free operation.

Power Adapter Compatibility:

  • To ensure optimal performance, use a 5V-2A power adapter. Insufficient power may lead to dimming or malfunction.


  • Product Name: Color-changing Quantum Light
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Control: APP or Remote Control
  • Color: RGB Symphony
  • Warranty: 1 Year


  • Dreamy Rainbow Effect: Dynamic color display with our dream color technology, creating captivating visual spectacles.
  • Built-in Modes: Choose from 60 preset scenes/music modes, including dimming, speed control, and timing functions, all accessible via remote control or app.
  • Design Freedom: Create your own geometric LED patterns using the hexagonal lights, perfect for adding flair to any space.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for home decor, parties, events, and more, our quantum lights set the stage for unforgettable moments.
  • Package Includes: USB cable, Remote control, Manual, Quantum Lamp, Free stickers (quantity varies)

Note: If the light doesn't turn on, ensure correct connection of the power cord and USB. Swapping ends should resolve the issue.


  • Smart App & Voice Controls: Enjoy the convenience of app and voice controls with the WIFI version, compatible with Google and Alexa.
  • 16 MILLION COLORS: Customize lighting to suit any mood or occasion.
  • MUSIC SYNC: Watch lights dance to the rhythm of your favorite tunes for a truly immersive experience.

Connector Tip: Ensure correct connection by aligning PRE and NEXT ends accordingly. Don't forget to insert the connector sheet provided!

Embrace the magic of Color-changing Quantum Lights and transform any space into a vibrant oasis of creativity and fun!

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